i have any problems
what can i do?

alpha sky provide 24hr supporting teams all over the world.

client have any problems can directly contact with our supporting teams.

How much it's

alpha sky net never and ever lick your company or your products deatails in any situation.

alpha sky don't provide any data about you to other third party .

what is application traffic ?

alpha sky net creating traffic through downloading apps from play store

after downloaded by user alpha sky prevent uninstalling after installing the apps.

what is web site

alpha sky net creating traffic by going through to the n number of user all over the world

getting new users daily to your sites

Where can find your apps?

you can find all mobile application only on google play store

alpha sky don't provide any other sites .

How to width draw money from your application.

alpha sky pay to you only g pay that youlinked number on alpha sky net account

Any age restrictions ?

ya their was age restitutions to download only some particular apps but not at all.

How Many Facilities
in Dashboard?

user can add,manage,control are the main facilities of the dashboard

how to change password

go to menu , find the change password on the menu and enter the current password and new password and then submit

Any risk in using dashboard?

their was no risk involved when you keep your id and password securely .